Viagra Falls - TV Squad Review

TV Squad Review.png

Premise: The sex lives of horny senior citizens! Miles lost his wife and now wants to find someone new, so he answers an ad in the newspaper and goes out on a blind date, even as his bar mates tell him to play the field instead of sticking with one woman.

Review: This, believe it or not, was the best of the bunch. I have no idea if people would want to see the sex lives of 70somethings week after week, but this was by far the best acted, best written, and best directed of this bunch across the board. The characters are likable and interesting, and it even manages to throw in inter-racial couple Miles and Elizabeth (if the senior sex angle wasn't enough controversy!) without seeming overbearing or too preachy. Paul Kent and Ruby Jackson are really great as Miles and Elizabeth (Kent is a movie and TV veteran), and the supporting cast is classic.

Funny quote, from Miles: "And if change means having to take my whole social security check and buy Viagra and condoms, then so be it!"