Los Angeles, CA
2010 – Present

Recruited to lead the alternative programming division for all non-fiction series and pilots as well as the development of new projects for cable and network distributors. Responsible for the successful execution of development, pre-production, production, post production to master delivery of all projects eOne produces. 

Creative proficiencies:

o   Identify and acquire compelling intellectual properties that can be developed into sellable/profitable commodities.  

o   Assemble the best creative team’s to fit each projects unique genre.

o   Create important collaborative relationships with talent, producers, writers, agents and networks to ensure that the vision of each project is executed effectively while keeping the artistic integrity intact.

o   Remain current with cutting edge knowledge in regard to multiplatform distribution, social media trends and photo capture technology by attending informative conferences and collaborating with innovative leaders.

Managerial elements:

o   Hire, supervise and train upwards of 70+ full time and freelance employees, while understanding the importance of continuing to motivate them to achieve exceptional results.

Financial responsibility and successes:

o   Administer and generate production budgets and schedules, track and communicate all costs while creating a confident, positive rapport with the network/studio executives.

o   Review and approve all invoices, payroll, purchase orders and expenditures associated with each production (upwards of ten productions at any one time). In addition, I oversee all internal corporate and development expenses.   

o   Analyze and identify untapped profit margin centers. For example; I successfully created a purchase plan to acquire all camera, lighting and post-production equipment instead of renting it. This increased company margins exponentially each year for the past five years.

o   Negotiate senior creative and below the line employee contracts and all vendor agreements.

Legal acumen:

o   Identify, diagnose and potentially resolve any contractual conflicts quickly while consulting with corporate counsel.

o   Responsible for all compliance licensing, permits, locations, various legal releases and office leases.

o   Set-up each project with a specific insurance package that meets the financial and liability limits based on the networks requirements. 

The following is a brief snapshot of the 400+ hours of produced content I’ve been responsible for the past five years:

6 – 1 hour episodes of Race to Escape for Discovery Science, 18 – ½ hour episodes of David Spade’s: FameLess for TRUTV, 1 hour pilot Life Without Limbs for TLC, 55 – 1 hour episodes (5 Seasons) of Mary Mary for WETV,  8 – 1 hour episodes of The Ride (Behind the Music) for MTV and 24 – 1 hour episodes (2 seasons) of Ball Up: Search for the Next… for Fox Sports.

I have established strong relationships with most cable networks including but not limited too: Discovery Science, TLC, TRUTV, FYI, A&E, MTV, CW, BET, WETV, OWN, E! and BRAVO. 


Los Angeles
2005 – 2010

As an Executive Producer I developed, cast, wrote, shot, edited, directed and sold my own original formats, sizzle reels and presentations to TRUTV and NICKMOM while being a work for hire in creating shows for ISH, MTV, A&E and Travel Channel. (Reel upon request).  

As a Line Producer I oversaw all physical and post production for television pilots, series, documentaries and independent feature films. I created and executed show budgets and schedules while also being responsible for all staff and crew hiring, contract negotiations, financial, legal and insurance procedures.

Networks I’ve worked with included HBO, Discovery Channel, MTV, VH1, E!, A&E, PBS and Travel Channel.


Malibu, CA
2001 – 2005

Worked five years supervising all physical production for Academy Award-winning writer/director/producer, James Camerons’ underwater documentaries.  

Responsibilities Included: 

·       Collaborating with Mr. Cameron on a one-on-one basis in order to fulfill his creative vision while staying within budget guidelines and on schedule.

·       Managing and facilitating international finances, shipping, customs clearances, hiring foreign & domestic crews and interfacing with local government officials while coordinating & supervising all logistical movement of personnel, video and submersible equipment to both domestic and international locations.

Projects Include::

o   GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS for Walt Disney Pictures - 3D HD IMAX Feature shot in Canada: Newfoundland, Vancouver & Nova Scotia and United Kingdom: London & Falmouth.

o   EXPEDITION: BISMARCK for Discovery Channel - 2 hr HD TV Special shot in Kiel & Hamburg Germany; Lisbon, Pico and Sao Miguel Azores Portugal; France: Paris, Marseille, Nice & all along the Cote d’Azur.

(6 Emmy Nominations 1 Win)

o   ALIENS OF THE DEEP for Walt Disney Pictures - 3D HD IMAX Feature shot in Rosarito, Acapulco, Guaymas & Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

o   LAST MYSTERIES OF TITANIC for Discovery Channel - Live 2hr TV broadcast shot in Newfoundland Canada and South Hampton England


(FICTION) – Los Angeles, CA
1995 – 2001

·       I oversaw all aspects of physical production. This included working with producers to ensure each project stayed within the set budget and scheduled days of shooting.

·       Production liaison between individual show producers and studio executives.

·       Responsible for crew safety, moral and communications while on location both domestic and international.

·       Responsible for the distribution and organization of all show legal documents, contracts, creation of call sheets, production reports and interoffice communication within various Studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Walt Disney, New Line Cinema and Walt Disney Animation.

Projects include but not limited too: CITY OF GHOSTS for MGM/United Artists - Shot in Cambodia & Thailand, 3 Telefilms for PBS Masterpiece Theater; A DEATH IN THE FAMILY - Shot in Tennessee, THE PONDER HEART - Shot in Mississippi and CORA UNASHAMED - Shot in Iowa, DINOSAUR for Walt Disney Animation, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE for Warner Brothers, MAD CITY for Warner Brothers, THE OUT OF TOWNERS for Paramount Studios, GEPPETTO for ABC/Walt Disney and SPY HARD for Hollywood Pictures. 


Lake Buena Vista, Florida
1989 – 1995

During the first 6 years of my career I worked in diverse roles such as associate producer, location manager, clearance coordinator on various feature films, live broadcasts, press events, national commercials, international press events, music videos and several scripted television shows, game shows and industrial commercials.

Projects included but not limited too: DAYTONA BEACH for ABC/Touchstone TV, FORTUNE HUNTER for FOX/BBK Productions, THUNDER IN PARADISE for BSB Productions, THE CROW for Miramax, DEAD PRESIDENTS for Caravan Pictures and OSCAR for Buena Vista Studios. 



The Learning Annex, UCLA Film School & LA Film School
Guest Lecturer
2003 – Present

Producers Guild of America
Member - New Media Council, Green committee, International committee and Events committee.
1997 – Present

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